PathGuard offers protection for your products - and competitive advantage in your industry.

It's time to end the cycle of scrambling to beat the latest hacker attack. Firewalls, whitelists, malware detectors, and all manner of defensive software all has its place, but the most vital data should be kept safe even against threats that aren't yet known. PathGuard can help.

By keeping critical files and code in a secure portion of an operating environment, PathGuard prevents remote intrusion by even the cleverest hackers. It can be applied to a range of products, from small devices in the Internet-of-Things to banks of servers at large firms. With its robust system of communication, it allows editing of files and exchange of networked information even while maintaining security, in case any input data is corrupt. Keep your customers safe, and distinguish the security you can offer.

PathGuard is available with industry-wide license, to protect your competitive advantage as well as your data and code.

Protect your data.

And your customers.​

Large firms have big stores of data, and PathGuard helps keep it safe. Its architecture separates collected files from anything being edited, so a user can input data for his or her account without having any link to other customer information. Even if received data is incorrect, it is isolated from other files so that they cannot be affected, even when corrupt code poses as an innocuous file.

Computers for your customers, not for hackers.

PathGuard protects essential computer functions to prevent hijacking from a remote location. Ransomware attacks can't get where they can't reach.

Printers and other peripherals are now common targets, too, as the information passing through them can be transmitted to a stealthy listener.

Prevent a remote attack from gaining control, and give your customers enhanced security along with peace of mind.

Devices that do what you want,

not what an attacker chooses.

Thermostats, lights, even cars - anything connected to a network needs to exchange information. But devices in the Internet-of-Things have increasingly become targets of takeovers, often used in Denial-of-Service attacks. Demonstrations show even more serious attacks for automobiles and medical devices, things an attacker should never be able to control.

PathGuard separates the essential functions of such devices to prevent their unauthorized alteration. Keep your devices working as intended, and keep them safe.