PathGuard is a patented technology created for business solutions.

Its hardware solution can be applied to a wide range of technical offerings. Originally conceived for financial firms interested in protecting crucial data, it developed into a solution applicable even to very small devices. Our team continues to expand its protections, which can be customized for a particular set of users.



Frank Newman knows about security concerns for business.

Frank Newman, CEO and co-founder, has worked as Deputy Secretary of the Treasury, CEO of two banks and as respected consultant in China affairs. He has seen the challenges for security in a variety of environments and knows businesses struggle to keep up with innovations in hacking. He began work on PathGuard to address those concerns.


Dan Newman, President and co-founder, helped apply early stages of the design to a wide range of computing devices. A former programmer of mobile satellite communication, he has also worked as a writer and now heads the product development of PathGuard.

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